Need a fun soundtrack for your Cinco de Mayo festivities?


If so, you’re in luck! In honor of Cinco de Mayo we’ve created a playlist featuring some of the many talented Chicano artists who’ve graced Levitt stages over the years.

Here in Los Angeles—a city that’s home to a large and richly diverse Chicano/Latino community—Cinco de Mayo celebrations are in full swing! Despite the popular belief that Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico’s Independence Day, this day commemorates the Mexican army defying all odds and defeating Napoleon III’s forces at the 1862 Battle of Puebla.

And what better way to celebrate this classic underdog story than with some música? Whether you plan to enjoy some fun local festivities—like these here in Los Angeles—or go about your day as usual, join us as we celebrate today with some great music.

Each group featured on our Cinco de Mayo playlist honors their Mexican heritage by integrating traditional styles into their music, bringing listeners the rhythms they love with a new irresistible twist.


Featured artists:
Pete Escovedo (Levitt Pasadena: 2014; Levitt LA: 2010)
La Santa Cecilia (Levitt LA: 2014, 2011, 2009; Levitt Pasadena: 2010)
Mariachi Divas (Levitt LA: 2014, 2007; Levitt Pasadena: 2014-2005)
Chicano Batman (Levitt Pasadena: 2013)
Mexican Institute of Sound (Levitt Pasadena: 2012)
Quetzal (Levitt LA: 2014, 2011, 2008-2007; Levitt Pasadena: 2013, 2008-2005)
Cambalache (Levitt LA: 2014, 2012)
Metalachi (Levitt Los Angeles: 2014, 2013)
Pistolera (Levitt Pasadena: 2014, 2009; Levitt LA, 2010, 2008)
Ozomatli (Levitt LA: 2014)

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