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The power of love and music: Ways you can help the people of Ukraine

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Mohammed Ali

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ukrainian people for their safety and sovereignty, and for the return of peace to their homeland. Russia’s invasion has caused a grave humanitarian crisis for the suffering and displaced. Here are ways you can help the people of Ukraine right now. 

Inspired by seven-year old Amelia Anisovych? She spent six days in a bunker in Kyiv before escaping to Poland to be with her grandmother; her parents remain in Ukraine. For more than 75 years, CARE has responded to humanitarian situations across the globe. Supporting CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund aims to reach 4 million individuals with immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance—prioritizing women and girls, families and the elderly. Watch Amelia’s beautiful a cappella version of “Let it Go,” which brought Frozen star Idina Menzel to tears.

In response to the war in Ukraine, Artist Support Pledge founder Matthew Burrows and artist curator Zavier Ellis of Ellis Smith Projects have come together to launch Ukraine Support Pledge, a month-long fundraising initiative to help the people of Ukraine during this time of crisis. In response to requests to help the Artist Support Pledge community, the dedicated hashtag of #UkraineSupportPledge shares funds raised from the sale and purchase of artwork directly to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

Ukrainian violinists are joined in harmony by 94 top violinists across the world from among 29 countries. Donations through this link can be made directly to relief efforts directed by UN Crisis Relief, Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, UNICEF and Red Cross Ukraine, among other reputable organizations.

Watch virtual virtuosos perform the Ukrainian folk song, Verbovaya Doschechka. Illia Bondarenko had to film this between explosions, because he could not hear himself play.Nine other young violinists sheltering in Ukraine join in unison, and are accompanied in harmony by players from London Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Symphony, Oslo Philharmonic, the Hollywood Studios, and top violinists from all over the world including Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Belgium, Georgia, Poland, South Korea, South Africa, Moldova, Denmark, India, and the entire violin section of the Munich Chamber Orchestra!  
World Central Kitchen
What’s better than the healing power of music? A warm meal. Modern day superhero Chef José Andrés and his culinary NGO is serving thousands of fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home as well as those who have remained in the country. Donations directly support Chef’s efforts in Ukraine and around the globe where people are in crisis.

There are many organizations, large and small, old and new, that are raising funds to support Ukraine. The links we’ve shared are reputable, but we always suggest to do your own research before donating money. Use the rating and information gathered by Charity Navigator as a great resource to help you choose those nonprofits who align with your passion and values.

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