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Blue_Purple-chilly nights

Brooks Museum’s Light Festival finale at Levitt Shell in Memphis.

Happy December, Levitteers!

It’s Friday afternoon AND it’s the first day of the twinkliest month of all—what’s not to celebrate? Whatever types of festive gatherings this month holds for you, your friends and family, we hope you find some calm during this busy season and remember to soak up every twinkly wonder surrounding you.


Pictured above: Levitt’s Sharon Yazowski and Vanessa Silberman with Matt Kowal and Lisa Gedgaudas of Denver Arts and Venues in front of the Stax Museum of American Soul in Memphis, Tenn.

Today, Executive Director Sharon Yazowski and Senior Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives Vanessa Silberman are representing the Levitt Foundation at the 2017 Music Cities Convention in Memphis, Tenn. (one of our nation’s great ‘music cities’!). They’ll be joined by local Levitt Shell Executive Director Anne Pitts and Levitt Pavilion Denver Executive Director Chris Zacher—who’ll be presenting at the conference. Continue reading

Levitt_loves_memorable_momentsThink back to a formative memory. Do you envision a full event from start to finish, or a few meaningful moments? Chances are, there are particular moments that stick with you over time, as explained in the newly-released book The Power of Moments, by Stanford Business School professor Chip Heath and his brother, Dan Heath, senior fellow at Duke University’s CASE Center. Last month, a couple of us had the opportunity to hear Dan deliver a stirring keynote at the annual Communications Network Conference in Miami—where among other things, he discussed what makes a moment memorable. Continue reading


Last week we turned our clocks forward, giving us an extra hour of late afternoon light to enjoy during this first week of spring!

It’s that time of year when green spaces across the country are in transformation, bringing colorful signs of life along with them. Here at Levitt, we love “springing” into this new season because it means that free outdoor concerts are just around the corner!

This year, the Levitt Foundation is supporting free Levitt concerts in 22 towns and cities (with some beginning as early as May!), so get ready for another season of free, live music in your community!

Levitt loves the NEA

Here at Levitt, we’re firm believers that people of all ages and backgrounds deserve the opportunity to experience the arts. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) serves our nation by supporting inclusive arts programming—including free Levitt concerts—across all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories (which is why it’s near and dear to our hearts!).

Visit the NEA’s website to learn more about their comprehensive efforts to ignite and nurture creativity in individuals, institutions and communities across the country.

Levitt lawns foster connection.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Levitteers of all ages come together on Levitt lawns to celebrate their shared passions for community, music and (of course) polka-dotted balloons!

During this season of gratitude, here’s to the “balloon buddies” in your life and the countless times you’ve enjoyed free, live music together on Levitt lawns.


These buddies sure got a blast of blue earlier this concert season at Levitt AMP Sheboygan! Levitteers in this Wisconsin city were invited to take part in art activities prior to each free show, including face painting, writing poetry, and chalking up the streets (and each other!). Though on such fun-filled evenings, there’s no way you can feel blue!

While we look back at Levitt lawn action from this summer, the music goes on at Levitt AMP Charlottesville and Levitt AMP Cleveland, with free concerts continuing over the next two weeks. Check out their lineups and bring your buddies to the next show! 

What better way to welcome in a new year of life than with cake, candles, your favorite people and free, live music? We love seeing people come together on Levitt lawns across the country to celebrate life’s milestonesbig and small. 

The countdown to fall is on, but there’s still time to squeeze in some music-filled outdoor birthday celebrations before the clocks “fall back.” Free, Levitt concerts are still going strong in Arlington, Texas; Charlottesvile, Va., Cleveland, Miss.; Denver, Colo.; Memphis, Tenn.; Middlesboro, Ky.; North Adams, Mass.; Pasadena, Ca.; and Trenton, N.J. 

So, if you’re in the area, grab that special birthday boy or girl in your life and show them some Levitt birthday love!