Levitt loves…memorable moments!

Levitt_loves_memorable_momentsThink back to a formative memory. Do you envision a full event from start to finish, or a few meaningful moments? Chances are, there are particular moments that stick with you over time, as explained in the newly-released book The Power of Moments, by Stanford Business School professor Chip Heath and his brother, Dan Heath, senior fellow at Duke University’s CASE Center. Last month, a couple of us had the opportunity to hear Dan deliver a stirring keynote at the annual Communications Network Conference in Miami—where among other things, he discussed what makes a moment memorable.

So, what are the key ingredients to making a moment memorable? According to Heath, in addition to remembering life’s highs, lows, beginnings and ends, the moments that stay with us tend to be those that bring at least one of the following:

  • Elevation: lifting our spirits and bringing joy.
  • Insight: making a discovery about ourselves or our world.
  • Pride: realizing strengths, aspirations or talents.
  • Connection: deepening our ties to others.

Needless to say, listening to him speak conjured up first-hand memories of the Levitt experience and how it invites people to come together and strengthen their community through music, making lasting memories in the process. First, the joy factor: images from around the country depict different places and faces, but a shared joy. When the music starts, Levitt lawns also become places of discovery. With a wide range of music genres presented each season, Levitt audiences are regularly encouraged to explore new cultures and traditions through music. Because each Levitt concert series is brought to life by countless dedicated folks on the ground with the support of their local community, filling the air with free, live music is often the source of community-wide pride. Finally, Levitt lawns are places of connection. Whether it’s a family celebrating a birthday, a couple dancing together on a first date, or friends, neighbors and people who’ve never crossed paths sharing an evening of free music under the stars side by side, the Levitt program has been proven to foster and strengthen connections with others.     

Life is a collection of meaningful moments. Although the 2017 Levitt concert season is winding down, we hope that you’ve taken some memorable moments with you from the season. Here’s to the many Levitt memories that have yet to be made.

Want to learn more about the Heath brothers’ findings? Check out their newly-released book, The Power of Moments.


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