Levitt loves…’Music Cities!’


Pictured above: Levitt’s Sharon Yazowski and Vanessa Silberman with Matt Kowal and Lisa Gedgaudas of Denver Arts and Venues in front of the Stax Museum of American Soul in Memphis, Tenn.

Today, Executive Director Sharon Yazowski and Senior Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives Vanessa Silberman are representing the Levitt Foundation at the 2017 Music Cities Convention in Memphis, Tenn. (one of our nation’s great ‘music cities’!). They’ll be joined by local Levitt Shell Executive Director Anne Pitts and Levitt Pavilion Denver Executive Director Chris Zacher—who’ll be presenting at the conference.

What’s a music city? A city that understands the important role music can—and should—play in communities. They’re cities that choose to invest in music because they recognize its ability to enhance economic development, create jobs, drive tourism and build leading global cities.

Why Memphis? According to Shain Shapiro, CEO of conference organizer Sound Diplomacy, “Memphis is one of the world’s most interesting music cities. American music history is framed on a few places and spaces, and many of those are in or around Memphis.”

Here’s to the many inspiring music cities across the country and around the world!

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