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Levitt network presents over 200 virtual concerts, attracts 1 million viewers, as the show went on(line)


Levitt is all about bringing people together. About celebrating music, community and the power of the arts to fuel positive change. About strengthening the social fabric of our towns and cities. So back in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic brought much of American life to a halt, it struck at the heart of the Levitt mission. How could the national Levitt network of permanent outdoor music venues and Levitt AMP sites present concerts, each attracting hundreds and often times thousands of people on a typical night, given new public health restrictions on outdoor gatherings?

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Record Store Day 2014 logoRecord Store Day just seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Started in April 2007, Record Store Day (RSD) encourages music fans everywhere to support their friendly, local, independent record stores. On the third Saturday of April (that’s tomorrow, April 19!), record stores around the world hold special events like concerts and listening parties, and labels and artists release short-run vinyl and cassettes to commemorate the occasion. Continue reading

LA MarathonThere’s something really special about a marathon.

When they’re held in cities, marathons take runners to places where they sometimes might not be able to go and might not usually be welcome. This partly explains why joggers love heading out in the early morning when the streets are quiet and a solitary sunrise awaits: the alternative, attempting a run during rush hour in Chicago’s loop, Paris’ Champs-Élysées or pretty much anywhere in Manhattan, is like a maddening live-action video game for everyone involved. Continue reading

Public art walking tourWhat does your weekend have in store? How about taking a walk downtown with a free public art audio tour!  Continue reading

If you take time to walk around Los Angeles, you might find yourself near this cat, chicken and ninja mural, too!

If you take time to walk around Los Angeles, you might find this cat, chicken and ninja mural.

Three weeks ago, Michael Schneider of the blog Franklin Avenue led a group of 300 from Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. It’s 18 miles, a seven-hour walk. To give you a comparable sense of the distance, walking the length of Manhattan is 13.4 miles, and walking along Lake Michigan from Chicago’s downtown Loop to north suburb Evanston is about 13 miles. In other words, it’s pretty far. Continue reading

823998225_25237f4512_oIn case you didn’t know, Levitt Pavilions is based in Los Angeles. While we don’t see snow in the city, many of us are originally from cold weather climates (Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nebraska) or have spent significant time in places that can get very, very cold. So when we see creative placemaking projects that involve snow, we get really excited. OK, I get really excited. I suddenly have an urge to throw a snowball, lick an icicle, grease up a metallic disc sled or watch Home Alone. Continue reading