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When sisters Ann Ward and Ruthie Johnson check out free, live music at Levitt Shell Memphis, they see a lawn filled with “everyone having a good time like one big happy family.” And when they talk about the great music, food and lots of fun on the Levitt lawn, we’re sure it’ll help you look forward to summer even more!

Hear more from Ann and Ruthie in this new video from our Faces of Levitt series.

Levitt AMP Your City Grant AwardsOnline public voting process to select top 20 finalists

Calling all small to mid-sized cities across the country: America’s largest free outdoor concert series is about to get even larger, and the spotlight is on you!

Starting in 2015, Levitt’s national program of 300 free concerts across the country will increase to 400, thanks to an exciting, new matching grant opportunity—the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards. In addition to 100 more free concerts, Levitt AMP will broaden the geographic impact of the Levitt program by focusing on small and mid-sized cities. And in another first, the public will get to decide which 20 cities make it to the finals round through an online voting process to take place next fall. So get ready to rally your colleagues, friends and family members to vote and bring the joy of free, live music to your city! Continue reading

A sketch of the new Levitt Pavilion Houston at Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve.

A sketch of the new Levitt Pavilion Houston at Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve.

Levitt venue to open in 2021

Levitt’s vision for an America filled with thriving public spaces is one step closer to reality with recently announced plans to bring the Levitt program to Houston!

Houstonians will soon have a unique place in their city to experience free music under the stars. Levitt Pavilion Houston will be the first Levitt venue on a site dedicated to natural resource conservation. The new music venue will be part of the city’s 280-acre Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve, a public park that provides needed flood relief, offers recreational amenities and, with the establishment of the Levitt program, will provide free access to the performing arts for all. Continue reading

LA MarathonThere’s something really special about a marathon.

When they’re held in cities, marathons take runners to places where they sometimes might not be able to go and might not usually be welcome. This partly explains why joggers love heading out in the early morning when the streets are quiet and a solitary sunrise awaits: the alternative, attempting a run during rush hour in Chicago’s loop, Paris’ Champs-Élysées or pretty much anywhere in Manhattan, is like a maddening live-action video game for everyone involved. Continue reading