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Dustbowl Revival

Dick Van Dyke’s still got #musicmoves!

Last month, the 89-year-old Mary Poppins star made a delightful surprise appearance in the music video for “Never Had To Go,” The Dustbowl Revival’s first single off their new album With A Lampshade On. Filmed in his Malibu home, Van Dyke’s spry footwork and infectious sense of humor helped the video go viral, landing over 2 million views on YouTube.

Van Dyke and his wife Arlene (who also appears in the video) have been longtime fans of the Venice, Ca.-based eight-piece Americana band, which features a washboard, ukulele, mandolin, fiddle and more. After meeting accidentally at a private event years ago, they continued to keep in touch, which is how Dustbowl Revival got the idea to collaborate on their newest video. Continue reading