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Today, we salute the courageous men and women who’ve fought for the freedoms we Americans hold dearly. The fundamental American freedoms that are positioned at the core of the Levitt program—like the right to gather and the right to express ourselves—are defended by the brave and selfless individuals who’ve served (and continue to serve) in the Armed Forces. Coming from all backgrounds and bringing their own unique talents, service members reflect the rich diversity of this country. 

We’ve all enjoyed the musical talents of the veterans below—from iconic rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix to 2000s R&B crooner Shaggy. And these are only a few of the countless individuals who’ve helped to protect our rights AND shape American music history.

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On this Veterans Day, we honor the men and women who protect the freedoms we enjoy everyday and extend our deepest gratitude to those who have served our country. Because of your bravery, we can exercise our freedom of expression— through speech, through art, and through music.

Levitt loves - selfless serviceAs the late, great Maya Angelou once said, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

Today we honor the service and sacrifice of the men and women who’ve proudly donned a United States uniform. Thank you for your courage and commitment to defending the freedoms that we all hold so dear. 

Veterans, we thank you for your selfless service—on this day, and all the rest.