Celebrate intercultural exchange this
United Nations Day!


Did you know that October 24th is United Nations Day? Today, we join the global community in celebrating the promotion of peace and progress, while commemorating the formation of the UN Charter, 73 years ago today. This international peacekeeping organization provides a platform where representatives from 193 countries can come together and exchange ideas that promote and protect basic human rights across the globe.

Fueled by that same idea that cultural exchange promotes both peace and progress, Levitt concerts provide places where people of all backgrounds can come together to enjoy shared musical experiences, while strengthening their communities. Each Levitt lawn nationwide represents a community-wide effort to bring it to life and tells a story of free, live music transcending social, cultural, economic and political barriers. Earlier this year, Levitt Board President, Liz Levitt Hirsch spoke with Liberty Hill’s Crystal Shaw about free Levitt concerts serving as places where we can celebrate our shared humanity.

“What’s incredible is that across the country, no matter the city population, who’s on a Levitt stage or the demographic makeup of a community, there are comparable social impacts of the free concert series. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that music is the universal language, so it has the unique ability to cross boundaries and bring people together. When music, high caliber music, is presented outdoors, free of charge, and consistently so that it becomes habit-forming, people of all ages and all socioeconomic backgrounds come together for the shared experience. They’re having fun, they’re dancing, they’re enjoying the music and sense of community with their friends and neighbors, they’re having casual conversations with strangers. In this day and age, creating these types of public gatherings where we celebrate our shared humanity is critically important.”

To read Shaw’s piece in its entirety, check out, “Talking Community, Arts and Access with Liz Levitt Hirsch.”

With each Levitt location featuring a diverse and eclectic range of talent, artists inspire yet another layer of the intercultural exchange. Serving as musical ambassadors, their music has the power to serve as entry points to new cultures, traditions and ideas. Here are just five of the many artists who’ve promoted intercultural understanding by sharing their talents with Levitt audiences nationwide.

  • Flor de Toloache – With members hailing from backgrounds as diverse as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Italy and the United States, this all-female, GRAMMY-winning mariachi group introduces audiences to the beauty of traditional and contemporary mariachi music. (Levitt Los Angeles, 2018; Levitt Denver, 2018; Levitt AMP Middlesboro, 2018; Levitt AMP Utica, 2018; Levitt AMP St. Johnsbury, 2018; Levitt AMP Santa Fe, 2017; Levitt Shell Memphis, 2016; Levitt AMP Sheboygan, 2016)

However you choose to celebrate today’s holiday, we hope you enjoy the peace and progress that the United Nations helps to promote and protect. 

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