Spotlight Series: Los Hacheros

Spotlight_Series_loshacheros_updated_readySaturday night, Brooklyn’s Los Hacheros will have Levitt AMP Santa Fe swaying to their fun, warm and infectious Latin beats. Their deep Afro-Caribbean groove weaves in elements of folkloric styles like son montuno, guaracha and salsa, often combining them with Bomba—a fiery rhythm from the mountains of Puerto Rico.

Los Hacheros is a five-piece band created in 2012, and have brought new heights to the golden era of Latin music with their unique versatility, explosive energy and instruments ranging from flute, trombone, violin, congas and tres—a guitar-like instrument that changed the course of the New York salsa scene.

While Los Hacheros are known for their neotraditional Puerto Rican and Cuban music, their tracks are powerful and passionate expressions of their thoughts on contemporary social issues and social justice politics of the 1960s-70s. Covering topics such as police brutality and feminism, their lyrics are commanding change, “En la union esta la fuerza/Si no hay justicia no hay paz,” translating to “Power in unity/No justice, no peace.” Whether folks are listening for the inspiring lyrics and sultry vocals, or looking for a tune to let loose to on the dance floor, Los Hacheros ensures there is something for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. Jacob Plasse, producer and guitarist, stated, “It has turned into its own counter culture, where the message is about empowerment—that’s what salsa is. That’s what I always thought was so beautiful about it. No one feels excluded. It’s an honor, whoever likes it.”

For a taste of the fun that’s heading to Levitt AMP Santa Fe Saturday night, check out the group’s recent Tiny Desk Concert. The show begins at 7pm!

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