Spotlight Series: Eternal Summers

Pop power trio Eternal Summers brings the warmth of summer to audiences all year round with their bright, gritty and upbeat rock anthems. This acclaimed talent—that has wowed audiences across the U.S., Europe and the U.K.—has been praised by music critics in Pitchfork, New Noise Magazine and Paste Magazine and featured on Rolling Stone’s May 2015 list of “10 New Artists You Need to Know.”

The group’s ethereal name is derived from Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII, which uses the term to describe everlasting beauty. Eternal Summers came to life in 2009, when singer/guitarist Nicole Yun and percussionist Daniel Cundiff decided to experiment with new instruments for some upcoming gigs Yun had secured with a previous ensemble. Yun—who was transitioning from a keyboard player into a guitar player at the time—decided to take a chance when Daniel Cundiff offered to hold down the duo’s rhythm section, without having had any experience playing the drums. Yun recalls saying, “…look, this can be this project where we can just see what we can do with what [are] our limitations.” With the help of longtime friend and bassist Jonathan Woods—who joined Yun and Cundiff in 2011—Eternal Summers continues to push musical boundaries in search for their limitations. As Pitchfork music critic Evan Rytlewski explains in his 2015 review of Eternal Summers’ most recent work, Gold and Stone, “…the band’s fourth album in five years, is the latest testament to their ever-broadening range.”

Check out the band’s playful stop motion music video for “Together or Alone” below and celebrate the first weekend of fall with the Eternal Summers tomorrow night at Levitt AMP Charlottesville!

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