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Misc. local Levitt AMP opening performers

Levitt AMP stages across the country feature a wide range of talent, from acclaimed emerging artists like celebrated rockers, Low Cut Connie—featured on President Obama’s 2015 POTUS playlist—to seasoned musical veterans like GRAMMY Award-winning zydeco sensation Terrance Simien.

“Amplifying community pride and a city’s unique character” speaks to the core of the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards—and celebrating homegrown talent does just that! Ten of this year’s 15 Levitt AMP grantees are using their stage as a platform to showcase local opening acts. Hauntingly ethereal, indie-pop performances ignited hometown pride as local celebrities Andi + Alex took the Levitt AMP Sheboygan stage—the twins are known for their performances on The Voice. YouTube sensation Mike Massé, whose rendition of “Africa” has more than 7 million views, caused the Levitt AMP Midvale crowd to beam with local pride as well. Levitt AMP Asbury Park audiences cheered on local youth when the Asbury Park High School Band opened the show, while the Nauseous Hippos—an alternative and classic rock band whose members range from 12 – 13 years old—rocked the crowd at Levitt AMP Frederick. Communities have also payed homage to local musical traditions through acts, like The Bailey Heavenly Sounds—a swingin’ shout band from Greensboro’s United House of Prayer—which performed on the Levitt AMP Greensboro stage. Other AMP cities celebrating their rich local music scenes by featuring hometown favorites as opening acts include New Boss at Levitt AMP Charlottesville, the Jared Mitchell Band at Levitt AMP Denison, Exit 52 at Levitt AMP Jacksonville and Showtyme at Levitt AMP Trenton. New talent is also nurtured when Levitt AMP stages are used to feature emerging local talent—as we saw through Levitt AMP Middlesboro’s pre-concert talent competition, “Middlesboro’s Got Talent.”

Seeing Levitt AMP sites serve as places where community members can gather and support one another reveals once again how free, live music creates pride and strengthens the social fabric of communities across the nation.

Kudos to all the talented local performers who’ve shared their unique gifts with their community from a Levitt AMP stage and to all you out there who’ve cheered them on!

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