ARTreach: Making Art Available for All in Houston

Life IS interesting when you're six! Making owl puppets with ARTreach. (via facebook)

Do you remember when you were six? Making owl puppets with ARTreach. (via facebook)

In anticipation of Levitt Pavilion Houston’s 2017 opening, we wanted to highlight the amazing work that an organization called ARTreach is doing in the greater Houston community.

Started in 2003 by organizer and child advocate Terri Payne Bieber, ARTreach trains artists and volunteers to bring art-related services and programs to children at risk, senior citizens and people with special needs. They also bring art to hospital patients and catastrophe survivors to help with the healing process.

In a recent interview with the Houston Chronicle, Bieber said that “when supporting juvenile justice, the arts are impacting the trajectory of youth in the pipeline to prison. In senior communities, rehabilitation and health care centers, art, dance and music are making people well.”

As passionate supporters of the arts—and especially music—making a positive impact in communities, it’s no wonder that we’re inspired by Bieber’s mission, work and dedication! Learn more about this incredible organization online and on Facebook.

Are there programs like ARTreach in your city? Let us know!

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