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tribute_in_light_Photo by Vizzini...courtesy of MAS

Photo by Robert Vizzini, Courtesy of The Municipal Arts Society of New York

Today is 9/11, a day which 14 years ago claimed thousands of lives and two iconic towers in New York that will forever be etched in the minds of people across the globe. Six months following the attacks—on March 11, 2002—a public artwork emerged that has served as an international symbol of hope and remembrance ever since: “Tribute in Light.”

Illuminating New York City skies and visible to all those within a 60-mile radius every September 11th since 2002, “Tribute in Light’s” powerful beams of light return tonight, honoring “those who were lost and those who worked so hard to get…[New York City]…through that terrible trial” according to the Municipal Arts Society (MAS)—the presenter of this work for the first 10 years, before the 9/11 Memorial Museum took over the display in 2012. Continue reading