Faces of Levitt: Aaron Garcia and Mayra Vega

As born and bred Angelenos, Mayra Vega and Aaron Garcia can’t get enough of the unique and eclectic musical offerings of Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles in MacArthur Park. Every night is a new experience; whether it’s jazz and blues, cumbia, or even country music, Aaron and Mayra can rely on Levitt LA’s high-quality programming to enjoy the music they love and know, while expanding their horizons. 

Located in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Aaron and Mayra understand the cultural importance of a free, outdoor music venue for their city. Levitt Pavilion Los Angeles’ summer-long season of free music in a welcoming, accessible atmosphere has become a powerful community asset. “The most important thing is that it’s free,” says Aaron, “especially in this neighborhood. There’s not a lot of opportunities, so it’s really important for the community to have this escape.” 

In celebrating the diversity of Los Angeles, Levitt LA has become synonymous with the city itself. “It’s nice to see different people, different nationalities…just like Los Angeles,” says Mayra.

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