Research Recap: Levitt venues as gathering places for friends and families


Across the country, people are getting ready to pack their suitcases and hop on a plane, train or automobile to spend time with friends and family and enjoy a holiday meal with one another. Levitt Foundation Executive Director Sharon Yazowski has beat the Thanksgiving travel rush and is already on the road to Grand Rapids, Mich., where she’ll present takeaways from Levitt’s recently published white paper tomorrow at the 2017 ARNOVA conference—a convening of scholars, teachers, and practitioners from across the country who’re interested in research on nonprofit organizations, philanthropy and civil society.

With Thanksgiving gatherings around the corner, today’s Research Recap takes a closer look at Levitt venues as prime gathering places for friends and families. While many people are drawn to Levitt concerts to experience high-quality music, what’s happening on the lawn is often just as valuable as what’s taking place on stage. With relaxed, open lawn settings, Levitt concerts are inherently social. One concertgoer in Memphis explained the dual social/musical appeal of attending a Levitt Shell concert in Memphis by saying, “It’s honestly fifty-fifty about the music and our date. We can sit back here so that we’re close enough to hear the music when we want to listen, but it’s not so loud that we can’t talk to one another.”

As the data above shows, being able to spend meaningful time with people you know is a satisfying part of the Levitt experience. Levitt venues provide opportunities for people who know each other—family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues…etc.—to interact on a regular basis in a casual and inviting atmosphere.

Wishing you and yours a week filled with festive and fulfilling gatherings!

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