Spotlight Series: Daphne Willis

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Singer-songwriter Daphne Willis’ sincere and eclectic blend of soul, rock, electronic and pop has delighted music lovers across the nation—including the legendary John Oates, of Hall and Oates. This evening, this rising star will take the Levitt AMP Denison stage and treat audiences to the honest and infectious melodies that inspired Oates to approach her about co-writing a song together.

As one can imagine, creating music with Oates was a transformative experience for Willis. When asked about the collaboration in a 2013 interview, Willis explained, “Working with John has been such an incredible learning experience for me. His structural arrangements and melody lines really brought me to a new and great place. It’s always the goal to actually be able to see and hear growth in whatever you do in life. I really felt that happened here, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Get ready for tonight’s performance in Denison, Texas with this live performance of Willis’ song, “Every Step of the Way,” featuring the one and only John Oates.

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