Happy National Bike Month!


Are you excited that it’s finally May, Levitteers? Not only are we that much closer to the start of concert season, but it’s also National Bike Month, a celebration of cycling first established in 1956!

Here at Levitt, we wholeheartedly support the many benefits of biking, from healthier living to reducing our carbon footprint to improving the overall livability of places. We’re thrilled to see the country moving towards increased bikeability, with initiatives like protected bike lanes and bike share programs growing more popular in cities like Los Angeles and Memphis.

This month, whether you’re a veteran cyclist or a biking beginner, we encourage you to join the movement! Check out our fun bike-related trivia, see all the awesome events happening for National Bike Month and get inspired to go for a ride!

Did you know?

  • Cycling is a great way to stay active, reduce stress and save money.
    Research suggests that biking regularly helps the environment, reduces healthcare and gasoline costs and leads to longer, more fulfilled lives.
  • DraisineThe bicycle has been around for over two centuries. While several inventors have been credited with making wheeled transportation devices dating as far back as 1418, the first to debut one with two wheels was Karl Drais in 1817, whose wooden “Draisine” weighed 45 pounds.
  • You can be officially certified as a round-the-world cyclist. Those up to the challenge must “pedal over 18,000 miles, start and finish in the same place, always travel in the same direction and pass through antipodal points with an allowance of +2 or –2 degrees.”
  • The Wright brothers were once bicycle manufacturers. Before building the world’s first successful airplane in 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright operated the Wright Cycle Company, whose profits helped fund their aviation experiments.
  • Bikes used to be called “velocipedes.” Before the term “bicycle” became popular in 1869, two-wheeled machines were also called “hobby horses,” “boneshakers” and “pedestrian curricles.”
  • Towns in the Netherlands are currently testing heated bike lanes. In the only European nation with more bicycles than people, these prototypes are designed to keep paths free of snow in winter.
  • The world’s tallest bicycle stands at over 20 feet tall. Los Angeles cinematographer Richie Trimble built it in just four days.

Get involved

There are many opportunities this month to get cycling! Try biking to school, work or to your local Levitt venue! People of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to enjoy the many benefits of biking.

CicLAvia, which as previously stopped at Levitt Los Angeles, will come to Pasadena's Memorial Park, the site of Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, for the first time this May.

CicLAvia, which has previously included Levitt Los Angeles along its route, will come to Pasadena’s Memorial Park, the site of Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, for the first time this May.

If you’re located in Southern California, CicLAvia, the popular open streets movement inspired by Bogotá, Colombia’s ciclovía events, will be coming to Pasadena for the first time on May 31. There will be a hub at Memorial Park, the site of Levitt Pavilion Pasadena!

This month and beyond, enjoy fresh air and green spaces and celebrate cycling!

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