Streets for People, Not Just Cars

If you’ve ever commuted in the city, you’ve been here.

You’re in a crowded train or bus, or maybe just alone in a car. It’s taken 20 minutes to move a mile during this particular commute. You cast longing glances at any pedestrians you can see walking by, and you’re pretty sure that the cyclist who carefully navigated between cars ten minutes ago is already two-to-three miles up the road. But there’s a reason you didn’t bike or walk: maybe there are just too many cars and you don’t feel safe, or maybe there’s not even a sidewalk. 

It’s been an uphill battle for urban planners trying to transform car-filled streets into pedestrian- and bike-friendly roadways in cities across the U.S. Cities face challenges when it comes to planning, even when trying to make neighborhoods more walkable. Now, filmmaker Todd Drezner is capturing the work of advocates and urban designers working to reclaim streets as places for people, and not just pathways for cars.

Drezner just reached his Kickstarter goal yesterday to fund a full-length documentary, In Transit. While he has already interviewed experts and communities in Detroit and New York, expect to see him in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and more in the near future. 

via The Atlantic Cities


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