Faces of Levitt: Blue Fish

One of the reasons Levitt concerts are so special is that people from all backgrounds find a place on the Levitt lawn. So it’s not surprising that among the fans at a Levitt Los Angeles concert is Lucha Libre wrestling champion, Blue Fish.

Blue Fish has been wrestling professionally for 19 years. A Salvadoran and Mexican resident, he now lives in the neighborhood around MacArthur Park, the home of Levitt L.A.

“Years ago, you didn’t walk around here. You didn’t bring the kids to play around here,” he says in this new Faces of Levitt video. “Now you can see around there’s a lot of families who bring their kids here…it’s a safe place.”

The luchador brings his own kids to MacArthur Park in the summer to take in the atmosphere. “The music that we can share with people and families together—this is a tradition.”

Learn more about Blue Fish in this new Faces of Levitt video, and follow the series on YouTube

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