Listen to this playlist of artists to perform on Levitt AMP stages

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From left to right, top to bottom: Eternal Summers (Levitt AMP Charlottesville), Jane Monheit (Levitt AMP Utica), Bumper Jacksons (Levitt AMP Charlottesville, Levitt AMP Trenton), Jeni Carr (Levitt AMP Middlesboro), Gary U.S. Bonds (Levitt AMP Asbury Park), Young Valley (Levitt AMP New Albany), Cedric Burnside Project (Levitt AMP Cleveland), Taylor Hicks (Levitt AMP Midvale), Kate Campbell (Levitt AMP Cleveland), Holy Ghost Electric Show (Levitt AMP New Albany), Alex Boyé (Levitt AMP Midvale), Molly Venter and Goodnight Moonshine (Levitt AMP Middlesboro), Scott Ambush and Funkelociraptor! (Levitt AMP Frederick), Seratones (Levitt AMP North Adams), Stitch Early (Levitt AMP Frederick)

The wait is over! All 15 of this year’s Levitt AMP Music Series artist lineups have been revealed, meaning you can check out who is performing every week at the Levitt AMP site closest to you! And not only that—you can start listening to acts headlining Levitt AMP concerts with our latest 2016 Levitt AMP playlist. 

Earlier this season, we posted a Levitt AMP playlist featuring headlining artists from five Levitt AMP music series lineups. Now you can check out this sampling of artists playing other Levitt AMP music series, taking place in Asbury Park, Charlottesville, Cleveland, Frederick, Middlesboro, Midvale, New Albany, North Adams, Trenton and Utica!

While we’re in the thick of concert season—with 11 free Levitt AMP concerts this week—four Levitt AMP music series are gearing to kick off, including Levitt AMP Middlesboro opening this Saturday! Click here to check out the Kentucky-based series’ first headlining act of the season, Americana quartet and Levitt AMP veteran Roosevelt Dime.

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