Enliven your neighborhood for Porch Placemaking Week

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ongoing reminder that there are many ways to stay connected while remaining physically distant. One new idea that we love is enlivening your porch (or balcony, front yard or stoop) as part of Porch Placemaking Week—which begins tomorrow, May 30 through June 5! Brought to life by The Experiencity Project in partnership with CoDesign Studio and the Town Team Movement (with support from global placemaking leaders like Project for Public Spaces and Places for Good), this weeklong celebration of place will ignite a network of small and large self-organized projects across the globe, with the shared goal of building safer, more connected communities. 

Your porch placemaking options are endless! From colorful sidewalk chalk or yarn bombing that brightens a neighbor’s day, to reimagining your porch as a stage for to showcase your performance chops, to organizing a distant street party (with appropriate physical distancing) to remind each other that we’re all in this together, this new initiative encourages people to make small changes to their personal environments to create welcoming and creative settings for the entire community to enjoy. Towns Teams and CoDesign Studio have put together some resources to help get you started on a Porch Placemaking Week project in your town or city. And if you’re looking for inspiration, head over to the project’s social wall to see how people are activating their porches across the globe. 

Over in London, Bayswater resident, Nikki Mauri has already set to work initiating a series of Driveway Dinners for her neighborhood. Her advice to anyone interested in participating in Porch Placemaking Week is “don’t be afraid to try new things.” She goes on to remind us all that participation only requires “a little bit of your time to get people together.

Pop-up porch activations have the power to make us all feel a little more connected during this isolated time. So this weekend, if you’re looking for a way to bring some unexpected joy to your neighbors as they pass your home—and maybe create a few new friends along the way—consider participating in Porch Placemaking Week and share your projects with us!




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